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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM Repeat  ABC  August 13, 2012 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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we begin tonight with developing news. sky 7hd is live over a pair of raging wildfires in lake county. that's where fast-moving flames have charred 5,000 acres so far. you can see at least one building burn to the ground, and tonight evacuations continue as crews struggle to gain the upper hand. good evening, everyone. i'm alan wang. >> i'm ama dates. a few fires are raging north of clear lake. that's 50 miles north of santa rosa. thousands of acres have already burned and part of highway 20 is shutdown as evacuations continue.
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take a look from sky 7hd high above. look at those flames raging up, and the smoke that is coming from it. lilian kim is live near the fires. she has the latest on the effort to contain them. lilian? >> ama, the two fires are burning north of us, and that's where hundreds of homes were evacuated. people we talked to said they had minutes to leave their homes. the fires continued to rage as night fell. this was the view from highway 20 westbound. the two fires started late afternoon. the so-called walker fire is burning along the county line while the much larger y fire is burning closer to the town of clear lake. they fled their homes after firefighters issued an evacuation order for the spring valley subdivision about 15 miles from the town of clear lake. >> we could see the orange and the black. we could see some trees that were on fire. and we couldn't see anything in front of you. you could just see where the different billows of smoke
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were. you are breathing in and it is tough. >> reporter: megan grabbed what she could in 15 minutes. she is an artist and she made sure to take her art work. >> you can't take pictures of people who aren't here anymore. >> reporter: he had minutes to grab his belongings. >> i grabbed all of the medication and i grabbed dog food and water and clothes and stuff. >> reporter: the chp blocked portions of highway 20 and 53. only emergency personnel could get through. cal fire says both fires started along the highway. >> which means the vehicle or the person, accidental any number of causes. we have no reason to believe it is anything but that. >> and here is a live look from sky 7. last we checked the walker fire was 20% contained and the y fire was 10% contained. no word on full containment, but cal fire says because of the cooler temperatures, they
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should make significant progress overnight. live in lake county, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. the weather conditions are crucial in determining the strength of these wildfires tonight and tomorrow. here is meteorologist leigh glaser. leigh? >> you probably noticed in lilian's report that all of the flames are shooting straight up indicating little wind in the area. the fire though creates its own wind and funnel situation. the temperatures are 80 degrees near the y fire and 77 degrees for the walker fire. it is low at 22%. they are 27% at the walker fire. but very little wind. you notice southwest at 5 and compare that to southwest at 2 miles per hour. earlier today clear lake had a high of 100. conditions tomorrow and the temperatures are near 100 degrees. so those firefighters definitely had their hands full. it is going to be a hot day there tomorrow. >> thank you so much. we do want to share an awesome
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image that an abc7 news viewer shared with us. it gives us a sense of how the fires spread. you can see the path of the smoke is just following the flames. it is incredible. it almost looks like a volcano. the smoke from both fires appear to form one huge plume of smoke. we have some photos to show you. he september us this picture as shown from across the clear lake. another viewer had a close look at the smoke and it is close to backyards backyards in that photo. and leslie s took a huge picture of a cloud of smoke as seen from her backyard. we do invite you to share your photos and video of the fire. send them to you report at >> and we will continue to update out fires. firefighters put out a grass fire in vallejo tonight. it broke out around 7:00 p.m. and burned a hillside around columbus and redwood parkway. it shows a thick plume of smoke as crews on the ground
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bat 2e8ed the -- battled the fire. that structures were damaged. if you own property in wildfire country, get ready for a new bill. a new fire protection fee is on the -- is coming. 850 californians will be getting those bills sometime this week, and the fee could run as high as diss 1 fists -- $150 per property. governor brown called for it to help with the budget deficit. he says those who benefit from wildfire should pay for it. anti-tax groups who hope to file a lawsuit on the grounds, the fee is actually a tax which means a two-thirds vote from the legislature. >> we were warned that gas prices would rise after monday's chevron refinery fire in richmond, but many didn't expect prices to rise so high and so quickly. the average price for a gallon of regular in san francisco tonight is $4.17. it will cost you $4.11 in san jose and a penniless per gallon in oakland. thomas roman is live at a gas station in san francisco. thomas?
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>> ama, we have been following gas prices at this gas station at lombard and law laguna for the past couple days, and just since thursday gas prices have gone up 6 cents. >> gas prices are up and people are fuming. in the bay area most people pumping gas feel it has something to do with the refinery fire. it took hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil off the market. but car lean -- carline doesn't buy it. >> what can we do? we are de pen -- dependent on fuel. >> the drivers are trying to make due until maybe prices come back down. >> we are putting $20 into the tank instead of filling it up all the way. that's the biggest difference. it is just trying to conserve as much as possible. thisdustry analysts say this spike is due to a series of miss fortunes. they pointed to a refinery fire and other refineries
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across the country. they say the drought in the midwest and the south has dried up a huge portion of the nation's corn crop, so those prices will rise as well. the gas additive ethanol is derived from rn could. it -- from corn. prices have gone up some 27 cents in the last month alone, and they could go up another 25 crebts in the near -- 25 cents in the near future. so he made a decision. he traded his ford expedition for the fiat. >> let's say $100 to maybe $30. so a $70 difference and a lot of cents. >> people like kelly mcgee are still feeling the pinch. >> how much does it cost you to fill up? >> probably $55. so that's 110. >> oil industry experts tell ab cl news to expect these high gas prices to last until after labor day if not longer. thomas roman, abc news. >> thank you. tomorrow federal investigators
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will visit the site of the chevron refinery fire in richmond for the first time after viewing inspection documents and ns withs they determined last monday's fire may have been caused by a leak from a corroded 40-year-old pipe. the investigators will test the leaking section of pipe and review the county's emergency notification system. also tomorrow chevron will re-open its claim center for people wanting to file liability claims against the company. for more information about filing a claim, you can call 1-866-260-7881 toll-free. we also have both the phone number and the address at under see it on tv. police in oakland are searching for a gunman after a brazen afternoon shooting. just after noon somebody opened fire on two people in a car driving through the intersection of 12th street and mandela parkway. the driver was shot several times and crashed into a tree nearby. the passenger was also hit. one of the victims is in
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critical condition. there is no word on a motive. on to the campaign trail where president obama held five fundraisers in chicago and wasted little time attacking what he calls the top down romney-ryan economic plan. >> they have tried this before. they have tried to sell us this trickle down ferry dust before. and guess what, it did not work. >> president obama calls mitt romney's running mate, paul ryan, quote, an i'd logical idea of republican in congress and fundamentally disagrees with ryan's vision for the country. and whether you like paul ryan or not he brings in money. the romney campaign reported a $3.5 million take in just 24 hours after the announcement of ryan as running mate. he hammered democrats today in north carolina. >> they were able to pass their entire legiagenda agenda virtually, and so what we got was stimulus, obama
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care. >> the sprint to the finish of a presidential campaign usually kicks off on labor day , but it is going to feel a bit like that tomorrow with candidates and campaigns fanning out across the country. >> the scheme to keep this election of paul ryan as the vice presidential nominee secret was a real cloak and dagger affair. abc news had a reporter camped out in front of ryan's home in wisconsin on friday. he was dropped off by an aide and then said he lost his keys and went around back to get in. actually he head to the woods. >> iting bays up to the house i live this now. i know those woods like the back of my hand. i just went out my backdoor and went into the woods i grew up playing in. i walked over to a tree i built back there and wept out next to the driveway that i grew up in. >> the aide who dropped ryan off was waiting for him. ryan was driven to an airport. he was then driven to virginia to meet up with the romneys.
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the abc news crew was still at ryan's house. and a high-rise disaster drill in san francisco. firefighters master the stairs in preparation for the real thing. >> and 5,000 acres burning. evacuations are taking place and more firecrews are rushing to battle two massive wildfires in lake county. we'll have a full update. >> and the road closures you will need to know about when construction begins tomorrow on a new bart extension. >> and it does look like we are finally going to have some cooling inland.
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san francisco firefighters got in some training today by simulating a high-rise fire complete with victims. battery on firefighters were directed by commanders who issued orderers as though it were on fire. it not only sharpened skills, but made sure they were physically fit. >> to keep our members on point and be ready for the real thing you have to be in shape to get up these stairs. our policy is not to take the elevator, and in case it is the 10th and 11th. >> volunteers made to look like they suffered burns and other injuries dotted the floors. the fire department used the same personnel in the drel as it would fighting a three alarm fire. the number of capital corridor trains that run weekdays between oakland and sacramento will be reduced by two. one is train 518 that leaves
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jack london square at 4:30 for sacramento. instead a bus will depart at 4:45 a.m. and then will stop there fairfield, davis and sacramento area stations. the capital corridor joint powers authority says rising diesel fuel costs expected to ction begins onlion dollars a >> and construction begins on the next phase of an extension project to bring bart to san jose. demolition will cause temporary lane closures near cornish lane as well as mayberry. the crews will spend the next 10 days removing a union pacific signal gate to make way for the new berryessa bart station and it is set to open in 2018. >> the outside music and art festival in san francisco ended a few hours ago. another huge crowd packed
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golden gate park today. tonight's headliner was stevie wonder. by all accounts it was a big success even with the weather. the weather cooperated. it was fairly cool for this time of year. >> pretty hot out in the far east bay. >> some 100-degree heat today in the inland locations. we will have to wait a couple more days before you get the heat released. it is in. accu-weather seven-day forecast and we will look at that in a moment. the roof cam is looking out over the bay bridge there. we have a pretty stiff westerly wind with gusts to 20 miles an hour. now reported at sfo. so a good indication that the stronger sea breeze is starting to develop, and live doppler 7hd is picking up the wall of low cloudiness and fog right near the coast and all of this with the westerly winds will move back in toward the bay overnight. and we will bring a chance of mist and drizzle. you can see pockets in the
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golden gate bridge and extending out toward half moon bay and even santa cruz with a little fog. clear lake 105 and 99 cloverdale and 85 san rafael. 62 was the high in san francisco and antioch and livermore as well as concord, once again today midto upper 90s. antioch your high 98. 81 in san jose. ell.will be hot again tomorrow we have 77 in antioch right now. 61 in oakland, 53 san francisco and 61 napa and los gatos with some clear skies and 68 degrees. our highlights, the fog will return coast and bay tonight. still warm to hot inland. tomorrow we will end -- trend the numbers down into wednesday and thursday. the lows tonight are mild inland and mid to low 60s for the lows. the rest of us will look for pretty much widespread mid to low 50s with the fog. and a possibility of some drizzle moving in near the coast. tomorrow morning 7:00 a.m. and out the door and fog, coast
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and bay. and the north bay the temperatures are getting into the midto upper 40s. so a cool start for you there. by midday we lookeratures inlann temperatures inland in the 80s. and by the 4:00 hour, boy, near 100 degrees inland. contrast that to 60s near the coast and then the 7:00 hour we will start to trend those numbers down. here is a look at how we will fare tomorrow. overnight the fog will increase a bit. it is going to be rather shallow which means it won't stick around too long for us. but we will by tomorrow afternoon, we will get into a westerly wind component. so we will look for the cooler winds to return. we will be hot inland tomorrow with high pressures as i mentioned near 100 degrees. in fact, here is a lookself as w yourself as we show you some temperatures. 84 for san jose tomorrow. 85 for campbell. half moon bay, 60 degrees as the winds pick up late in the day. midto upper 70s near the peninsula. san francisco, delightful.
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66 degrees, 82 for petaluma and santa rosa 88 degrees. clear lake 101 tomorrow. we will go 74 for oakland and 80 for castro valley. you will be hot inland with brentwood 98 and watsonville 74. santa cruz with afternoon sun and 76 degrees. we will give it one more day with hot temperatures inland, and we will all start to cool down tuesday and wednesday with temperatures inland in the mid to low 90s. i think everyone will like that. mike will be here here tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> thank you, leigh. the giants had a pretty exciting game tonight. >> seems like they always do. the giants roster seems to take turn. today it was hunter penz's turn. he gives them all the run
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the giants seem to be in playoff mode in august. g-men are up 1-0 against
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colorado 1k3* hunter penz made sure it stayed that way. junior giants day. willie mac front and center for the kids. big day for brandon belt. he drives in cabrera and saves barry zito a 3-0 lead in the first. moving to the fourth and zito clinging to a one-run lead. and to right and he tracks it down and great catch. probably prevented a run from scoring. zito chased in the 6th with a runner on. a double down the right field line and game tied at 4 and then rockies' pitcher up the middle. but pagan throws off the mark and he scores for a 5-4 colorado lead. and now down 6-4 in the eighth and the giants cap -- can close and a three-run blast. giants win it 9-6 and san francisco remains one up in the west. chicago's mascots are
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gathering for the a's and white socks game. the defense helped them stay in the game. alex rios and he will score from first. a relay and pennington nails it home. 6th inning and he tie itself up in as many days. northbou he didn't allow an earned run in 20 days and it is over. he ended it with a two-run single to blow it open. white sox with a 7-3 victory. still to come, andrew luck lights it up in his pre-season debut. mcilroy ends a streak in the majors at 16.
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in the past four years, 16 different players have won major titles on the pga tour. roy mcilroy ends that streak. today the 94th pga
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championship.of the fi tying expert rest of the field on the putting greens before finishing round three. tiger trailed by five and trying to make an early statement and missed it by that much. opens the final round with five straight birdies within a shot of rory mcilroy. he hits out of the dirt and between the trees and within eight feet he goes up two and fades down the stretch with three straight bogies. and thus started the barrage. it was all the way. six shots back and he pulls his driver into the gallery. he salvaged par and finishes 11 strokes back. by the time mcilroy finished the 12th hole it was over. everything going in and he closes it out on 18 with a 25-foot birdie. a final round 66. 13 under and eagles win with a victory. one better than the previous
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pga record held by the great jack nicklaus. he is your 2012 champion. >> i said, look, if i get to 12 under par nobody will catch me. i was able to go one better than that. so it is an incredible feeling to sit up here and see this trophy and be able to call myself a multiple major champion. >> he has a few more this his bag. andrew luck made his nfl debut and what a game. he was silencing his doubters. the topic and opened the game with a touchdown pass. this was the first game from scrimmage. and away he goes. 63 yards for the score. he was 10 of 16 with two touchdowns and 24 plays. here is the second one. great protection and his usual good foot work and a great 23-yard strike it is 38-3 and here is andrew on his first td pass. >> it was probably the easiest pass i have had in my life.
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a great job down the line. it was nice to put points on the board. hopefully we do it in the regular season too. >> this abc7 sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. still to come, 49er fanfest. and a prayer for peace and understanding. the bay area gets together to remember and forgive. >> and they find out if they will reach their destination hours later. we'll tell you why. >> and it has happened again. a chimp heads for the hills after breaking out of a backyard cage. what authorities plan to do to keep it
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good evening.
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i'm ama dates. >> and i'm alan wang. in tonight's headlines, two wildfires are burning out of control in lake county tonight. the fire started within three minutes of each other late this afternoon. it is burning about 50 miles north of santa rosa, more than 5,000 acres have burned so far. gas prices at the pump have shot up 18 cents a gallon in the past few weeks. industry analysts blame the high cost of crude oil and the production loss from the chevron refinery. tomorrow federal investigators are expected to visit the site of the fire for the first time. the presidential race appears to be in full swing. mitt romney will visit the swing state of florida while his running mate paul ryan goes to iowa. president obama will also host fundraisers in iowa. the traditional start of the campaign is usually on labor day. wisconsin held their first sunday services since a gunman killed six people at the temple.
2:36 am
people attending service took part in a traditional cleansing and rebirth ceremony. usually the temple only holds it once a year in april. it symbolizes a fresh start. the ceremony was held on the same grounds where wade michael page went on a shooting rampage before killing himself. in the bay area, people came together in san francisco for a candlelight vigil honoring the victims. members of the religion community including supporters from across the state gathered as a sign of unity. tonight the vigil follows a prayer service where members of the local sikh temple participated in a national prayer. >> the cost to the country, they are actually doing prayers for the people who lost their life in wisconsin. >> fremont is home to one of the largest sikh community. they gave money to help the
2:37 am
wisconsin families affected by the mass shooting, and children signed on to a pledge against violence. there were tense moments in london when one of the largest recycling centers caught on fire. the fire briggade set more than 200 firefighters to tackle the blaze that could be seen throughout the city. for a time there was some concern that the smoke would blow toward olympic park where the closing ceremonies were scheduled to take place. the fire briggade got it under control before that happened, and no one was injured. passengers on a flight out of seattle escaped injury after their plane caught fire. it happened last night at satisfy tack -- sea-tac airport. the flames were coming from the uh swril repower -- auxiliary power unit, and they say the fire was caused by resillule -- residual oil from the tail pipe. a chimp on the loose. a fiesty chimpanzee busted out of his cage for the second time in a month.
2:38 am
>> another chimpanzee escape in las vegas. >> for the second time in a month, cj, a pet chimp escaped from a cadge enclosure sending fear through a neighborhood. the last time cj and her mate buddy broke out of their enclosure and terrorized neighbors and even banging on a police car. >> they are wandering down the street. they are dangerous. bring shotguns. i'm serious. they are wild animals. >> after buddy headed toward a group of children police opened fire killing him in the street. cj was tranquilized and brought back to her cage. after this escape police were able to tranquilize and capture the chimp. her owner says she has no idea how cj escaped again last night, and it is not clear if the cage was made more secure after the escape, but the bars were bent. >> people want to let cj out, and i hope to god nobody tampered with the cage.
2:39 am
>> there is now a push for a new law that would make it tougher for people to own exotic animals. after a flurry of headlines with encounters against chimpanzees. in 2009 a pet chimp attacked a woman in connecticut. >> send the police with a he r he ripped her face-off! >> and earlier this summer an american tour guide at the institute in south africa was mauled when he got too close to the chimp's habitat. >> it was the worst i have ever seen. >> back in las vegas the chimp is being held in a cage meant for a lion and tiger and her owner is hoping to get cj back and send her to a sanctuary in oregon. gabby giffords returned home to tucson a year and a half after surviving a mass shooting. since her attack she spent time at medical facilities recovering after being shot in the head. 18 others were also shot, 16
2:40 am
fatally. it happened at a political rally outside a safe way market in tucson. ahead he proved the doubters wrong and look where it got him. the story on this unusual sight in oakland. >> and up ahead on the i team. what chrysler is saying about a severe shake when driving certain jeep vehicles. >> parts of the state will see isolated thunderstorms. we will look at the forecast map and my
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this week chrysler acknowledged a potentially dangerous problem in some of the jeep brand vehicles as first reported by the abc7 news eye team. >> chrysler issued a bull law tin about what it called it a shim me issue. some nicknamed it the death wobble. >> dan noyes has tonight's update. >> the chryslernouncement announcement came in this bull law 10. they say vehicles with a solid front axel will suffer vibration if it is damaged and not properly maintained. it is designed to assist dealers and in a diagnosis and repair of this condition. it is a scary experience. it is a violent shaking in the front of the car that usually hits at highway spodes when you make a turn -- speeds when you make a turn. this shows how frequently it has happened. it has become so common that it has a nickname, the death wobble, because it is so
2:44 am
jarring. >> i experienced it in my own jeep wrangler. watch what happens to a producer. the vehicle hits a bump at 50 miles an hour, and here comes the shaking. the steering wheel vibrates and you can see the wheels wobble and it stops when the driver slows down. the i-team said similar people had a lot of experiences. we analyzed the database at the national highway safety transportation. since 1995 we found 600 complaints about jeep's wobbling or vibrating since 1997. no deaths have been reported, but at least five people report being injured. many express frustration when they could not identify a specific problem. >> if i were driving one of these cars, i would be terrified. >> our report got the attention of anna eschew and congressman henry waxman. they pushed chrysler to acknowledge the problem and advised them on how the problem could be ichs ifed.
2:45 am
in a joint statement they say chrysler's decision to issue an official method of repair is the right thing to do for its customers and for the safety of others on the road. chrysler maintains that the front end sim me is not a serious issue. they say all vehicles with a solid axel can experience steering system shimmy and it is routinely corrected. they say it is due 20* modifications or damage or worn components or incorrect tire pressure. the bull law tin issues what dealers should be looking for when somebody comes in complaining of front end shaking including an inspection of the steering controls and components and tires. the service bull law tin does not mean they will pay for the repairs. they say the owners will have to pay because it occurs after the part wears out or if the jeep is modified. dan noyes, abc7 news.
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oakland's jack london square was the scene of a unique promotion today. it looks like a scene out of a bond movie. customers at the weekend farmer's mket were treated to a man flying a water-powered jet pack. it is the promotion for a new adult beverage with carbonated water and alcohol. the designer, a chinese-born canadian says he was told it would be impossible to create a water-power withed jet pack, but built one anyway. we want to give thanks to those taking part in the sleep train dream campaign. it is charles s from santa clara and candy t in concord and bruce b from fremont. you can make a difference to the bay area foster kids. like abc7 news on facebook, and $1 is donated to the dream campaign. we now want to give you the latest on some developing news we first told you about
2:47 am
on abc7 news at 5:00. two wildfires with burning 50 miles north of santa rosa in lake county. one building burned to the ground and crews struggle to gain the upper hand.ople we spoe people we spoke to say they had minutes to leave their homes. the flames have charred 5,000 acres so far and part of highway 20 is shutdown both fires started along the highway. cal fire says because of the cooler temperatures it should make significant progress overnight. >> but the temperatures in lake county were ripe for a little while. >> clear lake today is 105 degrees. relative humidity, how much moisture is in the air? it is extremely dry earlier this afternoon. right now you can see some current temperatures. i just updated these graphics for you. the higher elevations in the
2:48 am
70s, but the good news is the humidity levels are starting to come up 22% as well as 29%. and we are looking at light winds, westerly at 3 miles an hour and northwesterly at 5 miles per hour. in any fire saw their row -- scenario it will generate its own wind. temperatures near 100 degrees as well. speaking of a hot day, fresno 108 and tomorrow yosemite a chance of isolated thunderstorms. be on the lookout, 102 and palm springs 113. heading to vegas and 108. denver tomorrow, very comfortable and 88 and a few showers and dallas a hot one and humid. chicago with a cold front moving through. the temperature there is dropping to 72 degrees. and we will look for isolated thunderstorms and atlanta tomorrow afternoon 89. new york, some sunshine and 86. for the bay area, still another hot day inland with antioch 97 and lynn more 98. 66 with afternoon sunshine for san francisco.
2:49 am
san jose 84 and we will look for 93 morgan hill. one more hot day for folks especially inland, and then the cooling trend will start to build in tuesday and wednesday and thursday. a lot of heat relief for you. you will need it. >> thank you. >> mike shuman is here with sports. a lot of excitement. >> yes, a win over the vikings and then a day of rest. breaking the ma not me of training camp and ñ!ús
2:50 am
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every year training camp starts to get real monotonous. they break up the tedium as do day usa way from the practice facility. fanfest held at candlestick and it is your chance to meet your favorite players and run through drills and watch the team practice. the 9ers are coming off their win against the vikings preparing for the texans next week. with the stadium construction, the fan attendance has been limited. >> in the past it hasn't really been this many people. but for them to come out, it shows how much effort they give support of. we greatly appreciate that. >> i heard a lot of screams and i think they appreciate the body and appreciate the build and the way we are put together.
2:53 am
you appreciate that. >> payton who dism -- who? andrew luck with an impressive pre-season. nothing special here, a dump to donald brown and he will take it the rest of the way. two td passes and the colts win it 38-3. giants and dodgers will be a race to the end for the title. g-men upcoming into today's contest against colorado. pentz made sure it stayed that way. bruce bochy was reckless. they rallied on barry zito to tie it in the 6th. he scores from second, and now down 6-4 in the eighth, but no worries, the giants explode for five runs and penz for his first homerun and a it is a three-run homerun and stay one up on l.a. in the west. mascots from all of the chicago sports teams gathering as the a's take on the white sox. moges -- gomes takes care of
2:54 am
that. colon had not allowed a run. opposite field two-run shot. in the sixth with a two-run single and blow itself open. and a 7 sf 3 victory. rory mcilroy ends the streak winning rt u.s. open last year and today the 94th pga championship. tying expert rest of the field is out early before finishing round three. he is trailing by five and trying to make an early statement with an eagle, but didn't matter. five straight birdies to get to six under par. minutes later and rory off the dirt and out of the trees. he would make birdie and he would fade down the stretch with three bogies. the right edge. all the way dism now nine
2:55 am
under par. he pulls his driver into the gallery. he hit a person and he was handing out gloves. he finishes 11 back. on 12, another birdie. everything was dropping today. close itself out on 18 and the final round 66 and 13 under. it is an eight-shot victory. one better than the pga record. >> i set myself a target. i said if i get to 12 under par no one will catch me and i was able to go one better than that. it is an incredible feeling to sit up here and see this trophy and be able to call myself a multiple major champion. >> kurt bush lost a tire. i didn't say blew a tire. i said lost a tire. the rear wheel was dragging on the track. it always works better with
2:56 am
four tires. kyle goes out in front and it madetit an oil-slicked race. he returns the favor with a tap. he goes wide with the pass. and it is his second win in as many years at watkins glen. the olympic games concluded with team usa wining a second consecutive gold in men's basketball. it wasn't easy. he had 24 points and game tied at 70. durant and another huge game in london. he has 30 and broke a tie with the corner three. lebron james and left alone and that means a one-handed jam. usa by eight and chris paul driving through the trees to ice it. coach k is jumping for gold. gold for team usa. the united states lead the way with 46 gold, best ever in olympics not held in the united states.
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a total of 104 medals. britain ended up with third most gold. this sports report is brought to you by river rock casino. raiders are in the black hole for their first pre-season. that's it for the abc7 news. >> abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. >> thank you so much for join us.
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